Superfood Course Coming Soon!

“Superfoods! Grow Nutrient-dense foods that make a difference for you”

What if you could grow the Nutrient-dense healing foods that grow well in your climate?

Use the space you have at home and learn to grow the foods that will make an impact in your life right now. Save on expensive supplements and grocery bills.

Set up your healing garden with foods that impact your health and taste great. Make caring for your garden a part of your regular self-care routine, in only 15 minutes a day.

Raise your hand if….

  • You are tired of spending so much money buying organic greens and so frustrated you throw it away afterward.
  • You struggle finding the time to shop frequently at Specialty stores, or the farmers market?
  • You don’t buy all this fresh food because you don’t know how to cook it?
  • You spent money and time buying organic vegetables to make smoothies, and juices at home.
  • You hear eating more fresh leafy greens is important, but don’t know what that means for you!? What are fresh leafy greens anyhow?
  • You are curious to know if you could actually grow something good for your health?
  • You hear superfoods are good but don’t know why that is true.
  • You have tried gardening before but killed the plants.  You believe you have a black thumb.
  • Your house is small, you live in an apartment, or have landlord restrictions.
  • You work full time and have family obligations. You have no time!
  • You have heard about how calming gardening is and you want some of that, even a bit.

At the end of this course, you will learn

  • The health benefits of growing Nutrient-dense foods from home.
  • Identify the ideal location to start this garden, containers, soil, etc.
  • To avoid biggest mistakes beginner garnders make and how to be set up for a thriving garden.
  • How to Design your self-care routine to include gardening to enhance your over all wellbeing in just minutes.
  • Best practices for harvesting, and caring for these plants organically to enhance richness in flavor and nutrients.
  • Easy and practical ways to use these tasty foods in a variety of ways such as eating, preserving, drying with out any expensive or specialized equipment.
I’m Pat Galo, Registered Nurse, Nutrition fanatic, garden geek, and founder of GrowHealth4u.

After years of experience working in healthcare, and caring for my own family illness, I also started to get sick myself. Short story we changed our lifestyle.

By eating as clean as possible I merged my clinical experience with my love for gardening. Using our home space is the best thing I’ve done for myself and my family. I brought that knowledge to people that struggled with chronic diseases, and financial difficulties. I teach edible gardening!

Growing food that matters is empowering. It takes you from being a spectator to a decision-maker in Your future.

Do you want to try? No need for huge terrains, tons of experience, and complicated equipment. Plants want to grow if we just provide them with what they need. No magic, just nature.

Every person has individual needs and health challenges. But one thing most health professionals agree on is, that we could all eat more fruits and vegetables. What we eat matters, and how we grow it, makes it or breaks it.

How we live nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. Some foods are powerhouses, Nutrient-dense, and worthy of space in our homes. Those are the foods I’m interested in growing.

Superfood Course Coming Soon!