Growing Turmeric and Ginger at home, and why it’s a great idea!

Written by Pat Galo

Mother, nature lover, and nurse. I believe in preventing diseases. Everyday choices impact our welfare. That is why I love to help people take control of their own health by incorporating growing food and herbs into their lifestyle no matter the space or level of experience. Growing our own is power.

Turmeric and Ginger are some of those common spices in our kitchen cabinet. They are also common in eastern cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine. They are known in the west nowadays due to their health benefits often advertised in health stores.  There has been plenty of research about their anti-inflammatory, immune support, anti-microbial, anti-cancer benefits, etc. See links at the bottom for references. No wonder they are called superfoods.

How about growing your own superfoods? Recently was a guest at Xonna M. Clark’s, Food is the best medicine weekly show, where we talked about the benefits of growing these rhizomes in your own home, backyard, container garden in an apartment, patio garden, etc.

Watch the video for some ideas on how to grow and use Turmeric and Ginger. Check out my Store for some Turmeric while supplies last.

Whatever you do, please read the back of the bottles of the supplements. There are reputable sources of Curcumin and Gingerol out there for sure. Whatever you decide, remember that food is really the best medicine.

Growing Health one seed at the time,







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  1. Silvia Boender

    Thank you very much for the very inspiring and informational video! Lots of good tips!

  2. Irina Hayes

    I want some!!! Especially since I know where they are coming from. Unlike the grocery stores. Who knows what’s in the soil they use. I know for a fact that you do not use chemicals. Thanks for showing me your garden and showing me year by year how a simple plant here and there makes it also look like a paradise! And the smoothies you make with your plants are amazing. I’ve also had soups,dips and salads and they taste better than the ones I get. I love how simple you make it to grow your own.

  3. Sonia

    Got some ginger and tumeric from you a few weeks ago and it is amazing! Not only do I have some for eating but also for starting so that I can grow it in my own garden this summer. Looking forward to this amazing and medicinal plants.


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