The 5 S’s of Growing Food

A Guide for the Beginning Gardener.

Here are the five key principles that will help you know your own growing environment, and how to match it with the plants you want to grow.

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Pat’s Story

As a Registered Nurse of over 27yrs, I believe in the power of food and lifestyle as preventive medicine. I have cared for patients that felt powerless in the management of their chronic disease, getting more pills as the condition advances, and one more for the side effect of the first one. They often confided in me their frustration. Many times, having to choose between medication and fresh food.

My biggest struggle though has been to care for myself after illness, and stress touched my family. My father died from Cancer, my youngest son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and I burnout consequently. That is why I say the garden saved my life.  I garden even more and started healing from the inside out. I also started to quickly teach my patients over the phone how to grow a small Kale plant in an old container, right after we completed the official “take your medication as prescribed” part of the conversation. I shared how I have been growing food for years, and the health benefits I obtained from eating fresh Nutrient dense food.  My aches and pains, headaches, vitality, and depression improved. I have been sharing this message to anyone who listens. I wonder if all the people I encountered who felt powerless will gain some sort of control by knowing that many, many medicines may be grown where we spend most of our time, at home. If only they knew how?

So that is why I share this skill. I have been growing Herbs, vegetables, and fruits in a regular plot house while working and caring for my family. It is a family affair and the rewards are endless. I now love to inspire people to grow food at home in a loving sustainable way. We mimic Nature, not fight it. We grow with love and listen to spirit.  We grow together with friends and family. We grow stronger. We Grow Health.

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